Petra updates!

More work completed recently with the bad boy exhaust being fitted and it’s LOUD! Also I bought some metal polish and polished the exhaust and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to do the front lights AGAIN. They’re better now, not perfect by a long shot but much much better – I think to fully fix them I’ll either need a more abrasive cleaner or to totally take them apart (which involves an oven….) and refurb them. If I take them apart I have a spare set to use if they don’t survive and I’ll probably do a Daytime Running Lights conversion at the same time…

I’ve bought some Hammerite in dark blue to do some tidying up as well, and some radflush stuff as she still runs a tad hot. I now have sorted a great deal of the little niggles but still plenty to do. Seem to be moving forward now though not backwards!

wpid img 20140705 170234 1024x768 Petra updates!

Newport for bridges and exhaust!

Took a trip to South Wales over the weekend to pick up an exhaust for Petra and managed to take in a few sights along the way. We stopped in Newport and we took a quick look at the Transporter Bridge whilst we were there.

wpid img 20140719 191941 1024x768 Newport for bridges and exhaust!
Transporter Bridge

We met up with some of Sian’s family for a quick coffee and catch up at Castell Coch and had a nice drink and then set off home!

wpid img 20140720 114818 1024x1024 Newport for bridges and exhaust!
Castell Coch

On the way back we took the very scenic route via Rhayader, The Elan Valley, Devils Bridge and Aberystwith.

wpid img 20140720 180353 1024x1024 Newport for bridges and exhaust!
Claerwan Dam

Dropped Sian of at home and had a great weekend, lovely to meet some of her relatives too

wpid img 20140720 195313 1024x1024 Newport for bridges and exhaust!



Petra is cool again!

Finally sorted out the heater issues that have plagued me from the start of owning Petra. Snagged myself a later model heater panel for the dashboard to see if that would finally fix it.

wpid 20140718 113019 1024x576 Petra is cool again!
Dash Panel

I then proceeded to remove the stereo and the existing panel which was pretty easy, disconnect the panel and then fit the new one…

wpid 20140718 114411 e1405695243834 576x1024 Petra is cool again!
Old Dash panel

Once all sorted out we went for a test drive..and voila! Cool air and the aircon works!!! Very pleased….

Structures of Paradise

I’ve been lucky enough to see a few decent gigs in my time, but one that I enjoyed greatly was the Awakenings gig last year in Burton.
I managed to watch Neil Fellowes and his son Callum perform and on the 1st anniversary of the gig they released the studio recording incorporating some of the live set!

10406646 721447521249692 8824259143487851389 n Structures of Paradise
Structures of Paradise

I’ve just listened to the finished product and I’m very impressed. Please check out their website and if you like what you hear then it’s available to purchase for a small sum of £7

I even get a small credit on the album icon wink Structures of Paradise

Matlock Bath and The Cat and Fiddle

Saturday we went for a nice visit to Matlock Bath and managed a trip up to The Heights Of Abraham on the cable car!

wpid img 20140712 154621 e1405243263506 768x1024 Matlock Bath and The Cat and Fiddle
Matlock Bath

The cable car has always interested me, and actually managed a trip – though £14 each is pretty steep! (like the cable car…)
Once at the top the views were amazing, and we loved the gems and fossils in the shops. It was a roasting day and it was actually cooler up top!

wpid img 20140712 170212 1024x768 Matlock Bath and The Cat and Fiddle
Prospect Tower

A quick walk up the 54 steps of the prospect tower also brought me some great views. It’s difficult to show you how steep the cable car is
but it’s very steep!

wpid img 20140712 170733 1024x768 Matlock Bath and The Cat and Fiddle
Cable Cars

Afterwards I entrusted Sian to drive the Cat and Fiddle road in her Taz – pity they have neutered it with a 50mph average speed limit now, but she enjoyed it. The treat was a Maccy’s in Macc! and then back along the Cat and Fiddle to out overnight stop in Trowell.

Once Petra is sorted it will be my turn!!!

Modulus 002

I have been very lucky to meet and listen to Paul Maddox talk about his home grown synths, and it is with great pleasure that I can show you a video of his latest creation the Modulus 002

This instrument is a very high quality 12-voice polysynth and deserves to be very successful! I wish Modulus all the best for the future and I’ll be seeing if I can check one out for myself at some stage!

modolus002 Modulus 002

Curborough Sprint Course and the cars in the park

Popped along to Beacon Park on Sunday to see some cars and then along to Curborough Sprint Course. Decent enough weather although the heavens opened at one point!

wpid img 20140706 142719 1024x768 Curborough Sprint Course and the cars in the park

Saw a few really nice items, including a great VW thingy! See the pic below…

wpid img 20140706 140004 e1404811724723 768x1024 Curborough Sprint Course and the cars in the park

Then it was off to Curborough – quick watch of some rapid TR’s and TVR’s and then watched a Mini lunch itself…

All in all a good day!


Petra the diva!

Over the weekend I’ve changed the thermostat and the heater resistor pack on Petra and she still has a heater that is stuck on full. I’ve only really got the heater control panel in the dash left to change….starting to get a bit fed up now icon sad Petra the diva!

wpid 20140705 103820 1024x576 Petra the diva!

I SHALL get to the bottom of this though, as not much left I can do!!!

Once this is sorted I can get down to making her look like new again!

wpid img 20140705 170234 1024x768 Petra the diva!

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