The Flapper 8th November

Once again we attended The Flapper for a gig on Saturday 8th November. 3 new bands this time around and another chance to catch Among The Echoes live again.

First up were Zero Corporation, I enjoyed their set, quirky and with lots of energy, it was a shame they played to so few people!

15566821558 28fc631be2 c The Flapper 8th November
Zero Corporation
15752253925 213466df79 c The Flapper 8th November
Zero Corporation

The up next were Among The Echoes, and although Ian’s throat was sore they gave one of their best sets I’ve seen. Even saw some smiling going on icon wink The Flapper 8th November

15753871212 d0e0608e95 c The Flapper 8th November
Among The Echoes
15750402291 fca7cef91c c The Flapper 8th November
Among The Echoes
15132874903 cc8fd678df c The Flapper 8th November
Among The Echoes
15566867958 25b2b77259 c The Flapper 8th November
Among The Echoes

Next up were Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic – a high energy set with amazing costumes! They flew through the set and it was great to see them enjoy playing so much!

15750459381 ff051f1498 c The Flapper 8th November
Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Finally B-Movie took to the stage – hailing from Mansfield they have just started releasing stuff again, and it was good to hear them live for the first time. Sounding a tad like New Order in parts (a good thing!) they played a pretty long set and it was great to see them get an encore at the end too.

15132995863 754b57b038 c The Flapper 8th November

As usual you can find the flickr set HERE


Cree type sidelight LED’s

I decide to order some Cree type LED sidelights for Petra recently and now I’ve fitted them I’m pretty impressed. I ordered them from Lightec and they cost the amazing sum of £5.98 for a pair inc. postage! Very impressed with the price but how do they look?

wpid img 20141106 154703 1024x768 Cree type sidelight LEDs
LED sidelight

This is the old LED sidelight I used in the daylight. Compare it with the pic below to see the Cree type in the dayligh!

wpid img 20141106 154632 1024x768 Cree type sidelight LEDs
Cree sidelight

So it’s much brighter and also directed forward. How do the look in the dark you ask? Well see below!!!

wpid img 20141107 195539 1024x768 Cree type sidelight LEDs
Cree sidelights dark!

To be honest it’s quite a difference especially when you drive on dipped beams. Value for money is great and I’m really happy! They do do a set of High Power Cree that are equivalent to a 50w bulb for the sum of £29.99 + postage but I’m not quite sure how good they would be…

The link to the shop is below if you fancy a set – they replace any 501 style bulbs, just remember LED’s only work one way round so test them before you refit the headlights back together!

Powerline network kit and USB pass-through ;)

We went to Asda the other day and snagged a couple of bargains! First up was the Powerline network kit from TP-LINK which came in at a respectable £17.50 on offer for the AV500 Nano kit of 2 adapters. The problem is with these kits is that they use up a whole socket, so to  help that out I also got a USB through socket that has 2 USB sockets with up to 2a output icon wink Powerline network kit and USB pass through ;) Wireless charger for my Note 3 now has a nice output, so all sorted…

TP 410KIT Powerline network kit and USB pass through ;)

I get decent speed (the utility reports connection speeds of 150mbps+) and it has not impacted the network speed much, if at all…

Decree Nisi

All being well my Decree Nisi will have been granted today. 6 weeks to wait and I shall be free. Hindsight is a great thing, but I wish I’d listened to my heart and not got married back in 2008, and perhaps then little Poppy-Sue might not have been born….

Too late to dwell – I now have a girlfriend I actually feel right about being with and feel that my life is the best it has been seen 2007 and my Welsh Experience™ began

Iotronica – Of Moon and Stars

I’ve recently been listening to Iotronicas debut album and it’s a cracker! If you’ve not listened to it yet I suggest you do, and perhaps even purchase it! To take a listen then visit the AD Music website page below

Also there is a Facebook page if you’re interested!

As for the album, well it’s a haunting and melodic ambient smorgasbord! Chilled out and relaxed it’s great to just wind down with. Don’t take my word for it, have a listen!!!

Also here is a quick youtube vid to get a taste of the album icon wink Iotronica   Of Moon and Stars

So there you have it, if I was into rating this album I’d give it a solid 7/10. I reckon a few tracks are ripe for remixing with some percussion (hint hint send me the stems!)

ofmoonsandstars Iotronica   Of Moon and Stars
of moons and stars

Petra Leather Interior

I’ve managed to snag a leather interior for Petra for £40 – only problem is it’s in Southampton! But it’s a me and my mate Chris have stripped out as much as we can and I’ll drive down and get the rest fitted/in the back this weekend…

wpid img 20141023 144109 1024x768 Petra Leather Interior
Petra Interior

The leather interior is supposed to be in good nick, so I’m looking forward to it…I’m going to have a look for some better speakers later today/tomorrow as the front door ones are pants!!!

wpid img 20141023 152019 1024x1024 Petra Leather Interior
Petra Door

I’ll post up some pics when it’s done!

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