Wireless QI charging ;)

For my birthday Sian bough me the Official Wireless charger for my Note 3. I recently got the charger mat, and I must say it’s a great idea that works really well!

wpid img 20141013 152120 1024x768 Wireless QI charging ;)
QI charger mat

The official charger back was £15 and the mat was £4.54! You just plug the USB lead and power it up and then place the phone on the mat and then a pop up message says the phone is charging icon wink Wireless QI charging ;)

A great idea that works really well…

Windows 10 first thoughts…

Recently installed the Windows 10 Preview on my old Thinkpad X300 laptop, and tonight after a bit of searching got it all up and running! First thoughts are that it is how Windows 8 should have been, and that it runs pretty darn quick! I’ll be showing some more stuff from it later this week…but so far it’s about an 8 out of 10!!!

win10screen1 1024x329 Windows 10 first thoughts...
Win 10

Birthday Treat 2014

I was lucky enough to be whisked away for a birthday treat for my 46th (!) birthday last week. Starting on Sunday we spent the night at The Granary where we slept in a four-poster bed! We took advantage of room service too icon wink Birthday Treat 2014

15281553159 605009cb4b c Birthday Treat 2014
The Granary

After a lovely cooked breakfast with our own waiter Andrew (we were late and they were great to accommodate us!) we were off to
The Severn Valley Railway for my birthday treat!

15281691720 53a2113519 c Birthday Treat 2014

We decided that we would get a train behind a Manor Class steam engine for the journey from Kidderminster to Bridgenorth. 7812 Erlestoke Manor is an engine I’ve been on the footplate of before so it was great to see her again!

15281734278 74912d270c c Birthday Treat 2014
Manor Class 7812 Erlestoke Manor

The journey is quite sedate, but as it has been a long,long time since I travelled the SVR it was nice to see what has changed. We had a long stop at Arley Station due to a failure of a Bulleid Pacific Sir Keith Parks who trundled past slowly and then we were on our way again…

15468360185 1f1763c30d c Birthday Treat 2014
Arley Station

Finally reaching Bridgenorth we had lunch on the station before catching the train back. Another (!) failure meant we were to be brought back to Kidderminster by EE Type 1 power (now known as the Class 20) which is an excellent example under it’s old D8059 name. Very well turned out she is too!

15445288726 db6848ba6f c Birthday Treat 2014

Once back in Kidderminster we went on another road trip to our next nights stay The Stag at Redhill where we enjoyed a great meal and a nice nights sleep before my birthday treat was over!

15445352886 cec8212461 c Birthday Treat 2014
The Stag at Redhill

I’d just like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for the trip, here’s to many more over the years as I intend her to be my last girlfriend ever!!!

15465231741 bd436d5f48 c Birthday Treat 2014


Petra and new brakes!

I recently had the chance to change Petras brakes, managed to snag some discs, pads and calipers. The brakes have never been the best as Petra was standing for about 6 months before I rescued her!

wpid img 20140917 115119 1024x768 Petra and new brakes!
Old Setup

The old setup above was pretty bad to be honest, and when we removed the discs they were worn very badly, and only in a small area too!

wpid img 20140917 134243 1024x768 Petra and new brakes!
Old Discs

The new setup included vented and drilled discs, calipers and pads that looked almost brand new!

wpid img 20140917 124507 1024x768 Petra and new brakes!
New Setup

And here are the new pads…

wpid img 20140917 141055 1024x768 Petra and new brakes!
New Pads

Now I’ve just got to wait for the new setup to bed in nicely. As an aside I also got the tracking done and she drives soooooo much better!!!!

Awakenings @ Paget High School Burton

Last Saturday we went to Awakenings in Burton. It was a Dutch show with Beyond Berlin, René Splinter and Ron Boots and friends.

Beyond Berlin started, and as expected it was an old school sequencer fest. Not bad at all, although not my cup of tea 100% I enjoyed the set but felt it could have been a tad better icon wink Awakenings @ Paget High School Burton

Next up was René Splinter and his set which was superb. Showcasing his new release “Frames” his set was great reminding me of old Tangerine Dream in places. Check out the first 2 songs below :

Finally we had Ron Boots and friends, and again it was a great set.

The great thing about Awakenings is that you get a VT or mp3 of the gig afterwards included in your ticket price! £15 bought us nearly 4 hours of music and the mp3’s into the bargain. Great night!

wpid img 20140913 221307 1024x768 Awakenings @ Paget High School Burton
Ron Boots & friends

Finally we ended up in Maccys where the guys came in after packing up. Kicked out at 3am makes for a great time and I’ll be going again when I get the chance

Dashboard Blue LED conversion…

I’d bought a blue LED dashboard conversion kit from Lightec earlier this year, and due to various reasons had never got round to fitting it till Tuesday when I found out I had really poor dashboard illumination. Problem was that someone had bodged my dashboard before…so basically after a couple of hours of messing around the kit is half fitted. I couldn’t remove the green filter but the blue LED’s are fitted resulting in great aqua dashboard illumination! I quite like it…but will have to sort it out eventually…

wpid 20140902 201351 Dashboard Blue LED conversion...
Aqua Dashboard

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