Petra rear lights…

Since I got Petra I’ve found the rear lights to get full of condensation when it rains and/or I wash her. I was lucky enough today to find some mint rear lights, so a deal was struck and I bought them, along with some other bits…

 Petra rear lights...

After installing them and scraping my fingers etc. I was pleased to find that no more condensation. As a bonus they look much nicer too so the car is looking much younger and better!

 Petra rear lights...

Also I managed to snag a brand new ICV, a front bumper with the all important rubber edge strip (now fitted!) Some more front headlights (a bit mucky but I have a plan!) And a parcel shelf that is in better condition than the original. All in all it was a good day icon wink Petra rear lights...

Fracture Album Review

Recently Among The Echoes had a Kickstarter campaign to allow them to release their first album titled “Fracture”

wpid img 20140813 190745 1024x768 Fracture Album Review
Fracture signed CD!

I was lucky enough to get a signed copy and a credit on the album. I’ll try to not let this influence my review much…

I was awaiting the final release of this album as I had heard snippets the last few months and to be honest i wasn’t disappointed. It’s a dark and brooding slab of synth and guitar music with Mr. Wall snarling his way throughout. The production is very solid, loud but not too much in your face, and I like the fact that the guitar has been brought a bit more forward in the mix compared to their older stuff. The CD also contains a Gary Numan cover, a brave move to many as so often Numan covers disappoint greatly, but here “Pure” is covered very well, almost to the stage it doesn’t sound like a cover at all…

Overall Fracture is a very solid album, if I was to criticise at all it would be that sometimes the vocals are a tad too quiet, but that’s about it! I thoroughly recommend you purchase it now!

To hear a sample please click HERE

Brakes for Petra!

I went off on a roadtrip in Petra to pick up some nice bits from a fellow Puma owner Jo in Wales. I picked up some new brake parts as Petra’s are not brilliant!

wpid img 20140817 190833 1024x1024 Brakes for Petra!

Not only did I get the brakes but I got some shiny parts for the air intake system including a new MAF!

wpid img 20140817 190529 1024x1024 Brakes for Petra!
Intake system

We stopped overnight and then went on a little trip to see some of Sian’s relatives village, and then Pystill Rhaeadr which is a lovely waterfall.  This was followed by a birthday party and then back to Sian’s as I was feeling poorly. Can’t wait for the parts to be fitted now, and I’m waiting for Wade Lane garage to be available to fit them!

Petra updates…

I’ve been busy sourcing some parts for Petra and in the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to have sorted out the brakes and the gearbox. Meanwhile the exhaust has started blowing again, so I’ve bought some bodge it stuff until I can source a better system, probably a stainless steel one…
I treated her to a new budget tire and was hoping the tracking could be done, but seized nuts meant it will have to wait. I’ve got the boot light working with a nice blue led, and I’ve a plan in place for the dodgy parcel shelf icon wink Petra updates...
All in all it’s coming together just slowly…

 Petra updates...

Fracture Launch Gig – The Flapper August 9th

I was lucky enough to get to go along to Among The Echoes launch gig for their new album ” Fracture” at The Flapper in Birmingham.

wpid img 20140813 190745 1024x768 Fracture Launch Gig   The Flapper August 9th
Fracture signed CD!

I’m also lucky enough to have a credit in this CD – 3rd this month (not wishing to promote myself too much) and it’s a cracking CD in the dark and moody Gary Numan vein, it also includes a copy of his “Pure” track! The Flapper is a great venue but the gig was very dark, and the photos have turned out dark….so added grain and black & white was the way to go!

First up was Alex Juno – a great set, full of passion and energy. Alex is a manic guy but great fun and I enjoyed his set very much including his short cover of Mario Brothers!

14712394938 085ff5955e b Fracture Launch Gig   The Flapper August 9th
Alex Juno

Next up were Sinestar – I’ve seen them a few times now, top guys and a great set as usual!

14899000005 8253eaf172 c Fracture Launch Gig   The Flapper August 9th

Finally it was the turn of Among The Echoes

14899010525 4618745732 c Fracture Launch Gig   The Flapper August 9th
Among The Echoes

I was beginning to feel the effects of my illness by now and had to miss some of the set. I have it on good authority it was superb – The guys are becoming much better at getting their music across these days. I just wish they had a drummer to finish it all off, I reckon it would make them more dynamic to listen to and watch!

Finally I’d just like to take this chance to thank Carol Canfer and Sian Daffern. These beautiful ladies help organise and manage ATE and without their hard work, these things just wouldn’t happen. Thanx!

14895911421 9fe4b7800d c Fracture Launch Gig   The Flapper August 9th
Sian and Carol

As usual the Flickr Set/Album is HERE

Petra Radiator flush…

Finally got round to doing a radiator flush on Petra with the help of my mate Chris who provided some tools and ramps to perch her on…

wpid img 20140805 121705 1024x768 Petra Radiator flush...
Petra on ramps…

Bit difficult to see any improvements yet as she appears to have some major airlocks in the system. Nice clean blue antifreeze/coolant though now so we’ll see how she goes icon wink Petra Radiator flush...

Petra updates!

More work completed recently with the bad boy exhaust being fitted and it’s LOUD! Also I bought some metal polish and polished the exhaust and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to do the front lights AGAIN. They’re better now, not perfect by a long shot but much much better – I think to fully fix them I’ll either need a more abrasive cleaner or to totally take them apart (which involves an oven….) and refurb them. If I take them apart I have a spare set to use if they don’t survive and I’ll probably do a Daytime Running Lights conversion at the same time…

I’ve bought some Hammerite in dark blue to do some tidying up as well, and some radflush stuff as she still runs a tad hot. I now have sorted a great deal of the little niggles but still plenty to do. Seem to be moving forward now though not backwards!

wpid img 20140705 170234 1024x768 Petra updates!

Newport for bridges and exhaust!

Took a trip to South Wales over the weekend to pick up an exhaust for Petra and managed to take in a few sights along the way. We stopped in Newport and we took a quick look at the Transporter Bridge whilst we were there.

wpid img 20140719 191941 1024x768 Newport for bridges and exhaust!
Transporter Bridge

We met up with some of Sian’s family for a quick coffee and catch up at Castell Coch and had a nice drink and then set off home!

wpid img 20140720 114818 1024x1024 Newport for bridges and exhaust!
Castell Coch

On the way back we took the very scenic route via Rhayader, The Elan Valley, Devils Bridge and Aberystwith.

wpid img 20140720 180353 1024x1024 Newport for bridges and exhaust!
Claerwan Dam

Dropped Sian of at home and had a great weekend, lovely to meet some of her relatives too

wpid img 20140720 195313 1024x1024 Newport for bridges and exhaust!



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