Jo’s Puma

We recently got a second Puma for Jo and it’s a pretty decent car, especially as it only cost us £200.
Bad point are the usual rust (though I have a solution for that!) and general wear and tear.

IMG 4935 1024x845 Jos Puma

IMG 4940 1024x781 Jos Puma

Jo’s Puma

After we got it we fed it some oil (it had about half a litre in it, should have 4.25!) and made sure there was water. She’d lost a bit, nothing to worry about (or so I thought…)

IMG 4939 595x1024 Jos Puma

Jo’s Puma

Most of it was good, but petrol consumption was a bit high! Turns out a rear wheel bearing needs replacing. We got her some new tyres and promptly christened her with a trip to Brean!

IMG 4936 1024x840 Jos Puma

Jo’s Puma

The rust on the arches is quite bad however, and we’ve had a water pump go and replaced and the heatshield came loose!

IMG 4938 1024x773 Jos Puma

Jo’s Puma

Above is the better of the 2….the other one below is serious!

IMG 4937 1024x651 Jos Puma

Jo’s Puma

So, another project Puma is on the go! We’ll get her sorted…






New phone!

My trusty SGS3 died, so I had to get a replacement. Went for the Note 3 and I’m really pleased so far with it. Battery life is so much better, screen is awesome, the only downside is the size which is huuugggeeeee! Anyway, no review or anything as it’s not a cutting edge phone really, but I went for it due to it having 3gb ram rather than the 2gb the SGS5 will ship with. The deal was better too :p

AGBO Rally 2014

Went along for something like the 5th year in a row to the AGBO Rally held at Weston Park. Weather was freezing, but I still enjoyed myself – also took along Sian to see some action, and I think she enjoyed it!

13378934473 26cac65dca c AGBO Rally 2014


The weather was awful, we had hail, sunshine and bitter winds – and it made photography difficult. Also there was an Escort Mk2 rolled when we arrived and that delayed the stages by a good hour!

13379064253 f6fbb6febc c AGBO Rally 2014


All in all I enjoyed myself, not a great many photo’s taken this year!

The Flickr set is HERE

The Ides Of March

Last weekend we went to The Flapper in Birmingham to watch the Synthetic City Promotions event “The Ides Of March”. With 5 great bands appearing, I was really looking forward to this even though poor Mr. Normal was struck down with pneumonia. Get well soon Johnny!

First up were a new band called Eurasian Eyes who were performing their first ever gig! Apart from a great crash, they were very good, even managing to shoehorn in a cover version!

13272383763 18f68c1def c The Ides Of March

Eurasian Eyes

Next up were KirA – I was looking forward to hearing them as their album is a great slice of chilled out music. Kira didn’t disappoint, and Richard provided some great backing to her vocals. Really enjoyed their set, and will try and catch them again shortly!

13272592384 9ef6e2fb91 c The Ides Of March


After that there was a bustle as a girl with very red hair and a gentleman with a manic grin occupied the stage! Yup Deviant UK played a very short set as they were due to help out Johnny Normal!

13272282995 2171d5aa0d c The Ides Of March

Deviant Jay

Bursting with energy the set was very dynamic and great to watch. I enjoyed Jay as his natural energy poured from the stage! His wife was a flame haired pouting keyboard mistress who kept the energy flowing and looked great into the bargain. All in all, short but very sweet!

13272603564 79c532a6e0 c The Ides Of March

Deviant UK

4th Band up were Bristol’s finest Sinestar. Having already seen them live I was expecting much, and it was certainly delivered again. With a busy set they were for me the highlight of the night, great vocals and mix and all in all a great performance. Afterwards I persuaded James to have a word with Jo too which made her night…Cheers guys!

13272337075 58fae86c5d c The Ides Of March

James from Sinestar

And last, but no means least, it was Among The Echoes fronted by Ian Wall who organised the night. Again a great performance with new guitarist in tow, they get better everytime I see them. A belter to finish off with and the crowd even chimed in with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” for Mr. Wall. Afterwards we even managed a sneek visit to the OAD in Aprés for a few cheeky drinks…

13272679554 dcac7246cb c The Ides Of March

Among The Echoes

You can find the smallish set HERE on flickr too!
I do recommend that you keep an eye out for the next appearances of these guys – all were great, they’re friendly and approachable and good value for money. Check out the Synthetic City website for further details…

Petra gearbox swap is go and more!

Petra has gone to the garage for her gearbox swap, and I’m hoping that as the weather has now improved I can start work on some other bits that need attention! We’re looking for another Puma too as it’s really hard with only one car sometimes…

I’ve got a load of stuff I also need to do as the weather improves, the garden for one. I’ll post pics and stuff as it gets sorted! So busy busy, which is of course the reason for a lack of updates…

IMG 20140101 124341 1024x760 Petra gearbox swap is go and more!


Synthetic City website launched…

The last 2 weeks I’ve spent a lot of time getting a website up and running for Synthetic City and I’m pleased to say that even though we’ve had a massive technical hitch we’ve launched it!

I’m pretty pleased with this site, and I’d just like to say that this project has made me realise that the fact I backup EVERYTHING has paid dividends…

sc logo2 Synthetic City website launched...

Synthetic City

Cheap external hard drive solution…

I recently did an upgrade to a laptop and snagged them a nice hybrid SSD/HD 2.5″ for them, and this resulted in a “spare” hard drive. To keep it going I purchased a very cheap (£15) enclosure from Maplins…

wpid 20140304 135648 e1394039344538 768x1024 Cheap external hard drive solution...

2.5″ Enclosure

Whilst being very cheap, it was pretty well built and came with a nice carry case, Y shaped USb adapter (it needs 2 USB ports for power) a screwdriver and the enclosure itself…

wpid 20140305 170257 1024x768 Cheap external hard drive solution...

Enclosure and accessories

15 mins later and bingo – one external hard drive…

Maplins link is HERE


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