Kebu Live at Awakenings 22nd April 2017

It was great to be a part of Awakenings on 22nd April at Lea Hall Pavilion Rugeley as we welcomed the awesome Kebu to play supported by The Glimmer Room.

First up was The Glimmer Room and I thoroughly enjoyed the set.  Great build up and nice chilled beats it was a great introduction to the faster paced later set. Nice to speak to Andy afterwards too!

And then on to Kebu. I’ve always wanted to see him live, ever since his early demo days on youtube and he didn’t disappoint. With his lighting guy in tow Babba he put on a great show. Very professional but also humble and a great guy it was excellent.

The light show (although scaled down for this venue) was also awesome, if at times too powerful!

I loved the set and afterwards even posed for a pic with Kebu himself and he signed the 2 albums he has released so far. Great guy and not disappointed at all!

So a great night – and it was a sell out too! Looking forward to the rest of this seasons gigs now, can’t wait!

Amazon Echo Dot

Bought an Amazon Echo Dot for Sian. Also got a TP-Link wireless smart bulb. Yup they play nicely together!

Will post up a short review in a couple of days once we’ve explored the options…

I have moved!

I have moved to sunny Warwick in with Sian 😉

Broadband has been installed and we have gone for Virgin’s 200 meg service and we’re getting just over 200 meg. So all in all it’s looking pretty good.

I will change the name of the Computer MOT site over to Warwick Computer MOT due to the relocation as well…

SO I’m looking forward to moving onwards and upwards!


Lea Hall Winter Warm Up

So the LHWW went off without any major hitches on 28th January. I’ve just finished mixing and mastering the live VT tickets that we sold and I’m really pleased with the results. Let’s hope we can continue to get great crowds to
the other gigs we put on 😉

Lea Hall Winter Warm Up

Just a quick reminder that me and some friends are putting on a small jam style gig this Saturday (28th January 2017) at the Lea Hall Pavilion Rugeley.

For more details visit HERE

Price is £15 on the door and it would be great to see you there! 😉

Welcome STuart

I’ve been looking at changing the Puma for a while and have upgraded (?) to a nice Focus ST170. 2ltr N/A 170 bhp engine developed by Cosworth.

Of course there are issues to fix and he blew a headlight after a couple of days…

Pretty pleased as it’s quick, comfortable and a lovely drive. MPG isn’t great however 😉

I will be tidying up and fixing him – but for now I’m very impressed. So….does
anybody need a Puma?

Lea Hall Summer Bawl

So the Lea Hall Summer Bawl took place last Saturday. I really enjoyed the whole gig although it was hot and stuffy and made for a late long day it was great!

Green Light!
Green Light!

First up was Martyn Greenwood aka Concept Devices. A great minimal set with his tiny tidy setup it was over far too quickly after 40 mins. Some nice sequences and bleeps and bloops all improvised makes it a great listen 😉

Concept Devices
Concept Devices

Next up were Monkey Trial and they didn’t disappoint either. I liked the mix of guitar and keyboards and Sian liked the Theremini! The set lasted an hour and was warmly received by the crowd. I was very pleased to be able to hear them for the first time and I shall be trying to catch them live again soon

Monkey Trial
Monkey Trial

After a short break next up were Mr. Booth and Mr. Creek. excellent set again with some lovely tenori one action and a great style. I particularly liked the real life VCS3 that Jez manipulated skillfully!

Booth and Creek
Booth and Creek

The finale of the evening was Binar and what a cracking set. Thoroughly enjoyed them and to help with the atmosphere we pulled out the lasers and had them going!


You can access my pics HERE